Let’s find out together what we can do to better understand our world, to make it more sustainable and to have fun doing so. Let’s take a look at how common ideals and values can unite us, strengthen our community and bring people together. If the “we” in our society is not always self-evident, let’s find out how we can work together to make it happen. After all, “your planet” is above all YOUR PLANET and it needs our positive power.

    In cooperation with the initiative Take A Stand*, we present smart minds, inspiring activists and hopeful do-gooders, who use their Positive Power to create an exciting and interactive playground for sustainability projects, social initiatives, bright ideas for the future and you. We are looking forward to a unique mix of information, entertainment, interaction and chilling out. On stage and around it, we present various formats such as talks, live podcasts, performances, join-in activities and workshops on the topics:

    climate change • environment • nature • sustainability • society • human rights • politics • equal rights • social coexistence • racism • inclusion • integration • animals • species protection • nutrition


    *Take A Stand, is an initiative of Yourope of the European Festival Association, which promotes social cohesion in our society and awareness and tolerance of all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins.