SUPERBLOOM takes part in the BE AWARE – TAKE CARE initiative!

    A movement for compassionate togetherness, for all, without exception! Together, we can set an example: Do something easy, do something good!

    #BeAwareTakeCare stands for freedom, enjoyment, empowerment, diversity, solidarity, equality, no boundaries, compassion, creativity, and well-being!

    Taking part is as easy as packing sustainable or traveling with friends, which not only reduces CO2 emissions but also doubles the fun! Take advantage of our Flixbus package, car sharing or the free MVV ticket included in your festival ticket.

    With our Green Pass, you can also offset the climate impact of your festival visit and support the forest protection of the Amazonian Region all in one go. YOUR PLANET, our interactive playground for sustainability projects and social initiatives, is also definitely worth checking out. 

    News and info around the topics awareness and sustainability will be shared soon. Stay tuned!