Step into our SuperBrain area for a fascinating glimpse into the future!

    Science at a big open air festival? Where you can observe, touch and create? Oh yes, that is exactly what we want!

    SuperBrain – the laboratory of visionaries is a world of experiences which is focused on science and the fascination for research, innovation, medicine, technology and always places the human being in the center of the attention.

    We are creating a futuristic playground for young and old – an area where science comes to life. A wonderland of curiosity to explore and to lose oneself in.

    Our festival guests are offered with a hands-on approach to experience science and freely explore an entertaining, participatory and fun area with unique exhibitions, exciting talks, rousing presentations, interactive workshops, walkable installations and innovative display pieces. We are inviting the festival visitors to explore, discover and to be curious.

    We want SuperBrain to be eye-opening, playful, colorful, understandable, and fun.

    We firmly believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to actively shape our future – together!