Munich has a new festival – SUPERBLOOM is here! On September 3 & 4, 2022, SUPERBLOOM will be coming to the Olympiapark and the Olympiastadion.

    We advocate a respectful and open interaction with each other and reject any form of racism, sexism and homophobia. Everyone is welcome at the SUPERBLOOM!

    In the following a few information and tips for your unforgettable SUPERBLOOM visit.

    Opening hours

    The festival grounds are open on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to midnight.


    Which artists are participating? What artist is on which stage and when?
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    It is not possible to stay overnight on the festival site. There are no festival campgrounds on the festival grounds.

    Do’s & Don’ts

    Have a look at the weather forecast before the festival. The event will be held outdoors, so we strongly recommend that you bring sun protection or a rain jacket.

    For security reasons, no bags larger than A4 size (about 21 x 30 cm) are allowed on the festival grounds. Bum bags, handbags, jute bags or small backpacks smaller than A4 are welcome. There will be a bag inspection at the entrance. Bring only the most necessary things; let’s work together to minimise waiting times.

    Please note that you cannot bring luggage or larger bags to the festival. Leave large bags at home or at the hotel. There is no place to check your luggage before entering the festival.

    Only exception: Families with children under the age of twelve. We ask that families enter only at our Family Entrance. You are allowed to bring one backpack or bag and one pram per child. The thorough inspections there can lead to longer waiting times. We thank you for your understanding.

    Feel free to bring the following with you:

    • bum bags, hip bags, jute bags, gym bags size A4 (21 x 30 cm) and smaller
    • one pram bag per child (only at the Family Entrance)
    • wellies and rain poncho
    • regular small-format cameras without a detachable lens
    • mobile phones
    • small powerbanks
    • binoculars
    • blankets
    • closed sunscreen up to 100ml
    • deodorant (no spray cans, only deodorant sticks or rolls in plastic packaging)
    • empty drinking bottles made out of aluminium or plastic and plastic water bags up to 1 litre, empty water bags size A4 and smaller, folding cups. (Our free drinking water stations will be indicated on the map)
    • Medication or medical equipment by appointment (Coming soon here)

    Please leave the following at home:

    • backpacks, bags larger than size A4 (21 x 30 cm)
    • food and drink
    • professional camera and sound recording equipment, tripods, lenses or other camera gear
    • GoPros, drones and selfie sticks
    • glass containers (also perfume bottles), hard packaging
    • canisters, disposable or reusable bottles, PET plastic bottle (e.g. for soda, mineral water etc.), Tetra Paks, cups, hydration packs or bags larger than size A4
    • cans (including hairspray, deodorant etc.)
    • CS gas, pepper spray, animal repellent sprays
    • flammable liquids, disinfectants
    • pyrotechnical items
    • chains, flagpoles, sticks, torches, banners
    • hammocks, tents, cane-type umbrellas
    • personal food – there will be sufficient culinary alternatives for allergy sufferers
    • cool boxes, other heavy containers
    • cartridge belts, weapons or any dangerous objects (pointed, sharp, hot etc.)
    • narcotics, drugs
    • radios, radio equipment
    • skateboards, scooters, bicycles – there is a separate area for these in front of the Entrance A
    • chairs or other furniture
    • leaflets, flyers, stickers or similar
    • Sharpies, permanent markers
    • animals
    • masks that completely cover the face
    • props or parts of costumes that glorify violence (e.g. weapons)
    • clothing and banners with inhuman, homophobic and/or right-wing extremist content


    There is no baggage check for luggage or larger bags in front of the festival entrance. We do have an option for stowing your things on the festival grounds (limited capacity).


    SUPERBLOOM is colourful and stands for acceptance as well as respectful and open interaction.
    In order to make your visit to the festival a wonderful experience to remember, we ask all festival visitors to demonstrate tolerance, consideration, civil courage and help in emergencies. Each and every one of you should make a personal contribution to this, as preserving the safety and integrity of festival visitors is our top priority. Because of this, domiciliary rights during the entire festival are held by the organiser and its commissioned third parties. All instructions from the organiser’s security staff must be followed without fail.

    People wearing clothes with inhuman, homophobic or right-wing extremist content will not be allowed to enter the festival grounds and will not receive a refund for their ticket. Individuals who attract attention on the premises with statements or behaviour as described above will likewise be expelled from the premises immediately and will not be given a refund.

    Drinking water

    We have set up free drinking water stations for you on the festival grounds. A grounds map indicating the location of these stations will be available soon.

    Photo & Video

    Photography for private use is permitted. Only small-format cameras without a detachable lens and camera-enabled mobile phones are permitted on the festival grounds. Recordings of any kind are prohibited without the explicit permission of the organiser/artist.


    The volume at concerts can be hazardous to your hearing and health. We recommend the use of earplugs. Parents are especially advised to ensure that their little ones are protected from noise, e.g. through the use of special protective headphones.


    Please dispose of your cigarettes in the ashtrays by the bins.
    We ask you to refrain from smoking in the Children’s Area. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas.