FAQ Cashless

    SUPERBLOOM allows for cashless payment only!

    Cashless helps us ditch the long lines and prevent theft. You can preload credits on your festival wristband online in the online shop or book various vouchers. Loading credit before the festival is easy and can be done in your personal festival account at no additional cost.

    What‘s that?

    Cash is far from the fastest way to pay for something; from counting coins to waiting for change, it costs both festivalgoers and staff time. We’re going cashless because we want to make your festival experience as relaxed as possible.

    All wristbands come with a chip to top up your credit. Payment by chip means that orders will be processed much faster and you won’t have to wait in the queue for so long. We are using a long-proven technology that has been around for years and used in all kinds of different scenarios: NFC, better known as RFID.

    This technology allows us to deduct the amount of a payment from your preloaded credit account by means of a small chip card (on the festival wristband). You might recognise this system from university canteens, swimming pools, amusement parks, libraries, canteens …

    How’s it work?

    Whenever you want to buy something, just hold the chip to the reader at checkout and the purchase will be booked quickly, securely and correctly from your account. Why we do it this way?

    • Everything goes much faster: Getting rid of cumbersome cash payments means that both you and our staff save a lot of time. You don’t have to think about change and it shortens the waiting time at every stand. Orders can be processed much faster, which also shortens waiting times.
    • It’s 100% accurate: Annoyances like incorrect change, running out of cash, losing or forgetting your wallet are a thing of the past … Those days are gone. Everything is securely protected from theft and mistakes.
    • You always have an overview: You can check your current credit balance any time online by logging into your festival account and at all cash desks. You can also contact our Help Desk directly with any questions you might have. We never want you to be left in the dark about your balance! Everything is fully transparent and made easy for you to understand.
    • Your credit is safe: Ever had your wallet stolen? That money was very likely lost. If you lose your chip, go to the Help Desk immediately with your ID in hand and report the loss. We can use your ticket activation and ID to find the lost chip in the system and block it directly. You will be issued a new wristband with a new chip and the credit balance noted on the loss report will be credited to you. If a lost chip was used to make a purchase before being reported to the Help Desk then unfortunately that money has already been spent and we cannot refund it.

    That is why ticket activation is so important: You > Your ticket > Your credit. All safely linked together.

    Remaining balance  

    What happens to unspent credit once the festival is over?
    You can use your online account to withdraw any remaining credit on your chip after the festival.

    You can also use this link to have the remaining credit paid out via the chip – please keep the chip for this time. You can also use the number on the back of the chip to easily get your money back. The long number is the chip number, the short number is the pin.