Superbloom is a festival for young and old. In other words, even the smallest fans and the rock stars of tomorrow are welcome here. Not only in the kids paradise MiniBloom, where music, dance, magic and many more surprises await you. There will be a lot to discover on the whole area. Here are a few information and tips for you, dear families.


    All visitors need their own ticket. The rule also applies to small children and babies. Parents will need a printed ticket and valid ID (government-issued identity card/passport) to check in. Please make sure that adult tickets are personalised correctly and be ready to show proof of identity to verify the age of your children.


    Please check in at the Family Counter only. Information about its location will follow shortly.


    We ask for safety reasons that you avoid bringing large bags, prams or backpacks onto the premises. If you do so, please be prepared for a long search and inspection at the entrance.


    Your children must be supervised for the entire duration of the festival, even during the partly supervised games and workshops in the Children’s Area. We do not provide child care.


    Children’s ears are very sensitive. Every child on the premises should have hearing protection with them and use it near the concert.

    We ask you to read our Terms and Conditions before heading out to the festival, particularly the parts concerning children.